Armonie Cosmetica S.r.l.

is a company in Northern Italy producing cosmetics for the account of third parties

and on our account for 30 years. We are able to meet the requirements of every customer

by designing the products suitable for them according to their particular indications and

requests. Thanks to a wide variety of formulations and the excellent quality we guarantee,

we can supply different sectors of the market like beauty institutes, hairdressers, wholesalers,

direct selling, pharmaceutical sector…

Our dedicated Quality Department guarantees the quality of our products. The extensive

research and development conducted in our laboratories have given us considerable

knowhow. In particular, We have developed a wide range of cosmetics formulations

based on vegetable emulsifying agents and surfactants, with the use of Organic plants extracts

and oils and highly effective active ingredients. The research we always conduce to

the highest quality has led us to obtain the ICEA Certification for production of bio eco


We are able to offer you a full service, but we are also happy to work on a project basis.

In both cases we stay in close contact with you in order to ensure that we understand one

another as we use our expertise to turn your specifications into an optimal result. In our

collaboration with you we are always guided by your needs and requirements.

Please find here below a list of cosmetics we produce:


Cleansing milks; toners; day, night, moistrizing, anti-age, anti-wrinkle, oily-dry- skin…

creams; face masks; face scrubs; face serum; eye-contours; after-shave lotions; etc.


Cellulite creams; firming creams; stretch-marks creams; hand creams; feet creams; body

scrubs; muds; foam baths; intimate liquid soaps; sun lotions; after sun lotions; moisturizing

lotions; deodorants; perfumes; scented lotions; etc.


Anti-dandruff, oil balance, reinforcing, mild…shampoos; conditioners; masks for hair;

reinforcing, strengtheners, hair loss… vials; gels; etc.

We remain at your disposal for any information